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Total Hip Replacement

  Total Hip Replacement Total hip replacement is a common procedure that is used to treat chronic hip pain and dysfunction including osteoarthritis. Due to advancements in surgical techniques hospital stay post-hip replacement is generally short (5-10 days). Similar to total...

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement Total knee replacements are a common surgery and with advancements in surgical techniques patients generally have short hospital stays (5-10 days). Shortly after surgery deficits in quadriceps and hamstring strength are noted as well as difficulty with...

Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome

Patello-femoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is the most common cause of knee pain. It accounts for 25% of all running injuries and may occur with work or recreation. It is most commonly seen as an overuse injury from adverse loading of the patella-femoral joint and may also occur with...

Pain During Adolescence

Pain during adolescence Adolescence is a period of rapid growth and increases the risk of certain injuries. Adolescent athletes are at an increased risk of injury as their skeleton has not matured and during periods of rapid growth will develop tight muscles if not regularly...

Triathlon Injuries

Triathlon Injuries Triathlon is a relatively new sport and has seen a rapid increase in popularity over the past 30years. Triathletes benefit from the cross-training which balances the load across the body although many (~51%) triathletes suffer an injury within their first year...

Return to Play

Return to Play   “When can I play again?” is the question that all athletes want answered following an injury. There are many factors that are involved with returning to sport. Some of the main factors to be considered are: Physiological healing: Tissues within the human...

Hip Pain

Is it my hip or my back? Hip pain is a common problem, and it can be confusing because there are many causes. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the underlying problem. Some common causes of...